Create your own lists

You can create your own lists of useful content you’ve found on advicelocal. There is no need to set up an account or log in.

If you don’t have a list already, one will be created for you automatically when you add your first item.

Adding and removing items

When you find something you’d like to add to your list, just tap on its ‘ADD TO MY LIST’ button.

When you have added an item to your list, its button will say ‘REMOVE FROM LIST’ instead, so you can remove the item from your list. 

Viewing your lists

You can see your lists at any time on the ‘My lists’ page. Each item in the list links back to the item’s page on advicelocal.

Editing your lists

You can remove an item from a list by clicking on the ‘X’ next to it

You can also delete the entire list, or change its name or address:

Click on the ‘rename/delete’ button which appears below the list. This takes you to a form where you can enter a new title and URL for your list. The URL is used when sharing your list with others, (see ‘sharing your lists’ below). It  can only contain numbers, letters and dashes. 

You can then save your changes. If you click on the ‘Delete list’ button, your list will be permanently deleted.

Sharing your lists

Your list will 'expire' after a week. However we offer a whole range of options to share your list.

Try clicking on the ‘Print/share’ button next to the list’s title. This takes you to a page where all the items you have added to the list are shown in full. 

This page is public, and you can share it in the following ways:

The address of the page will be something like Anyone who knows this address will be able to see the list, so you can simply make a note of it to share it with others any way you choose. They will not be able to edit your list.

Using multiple lists

You can create as many lists as you need. Click on the ‘Create a new list’ button on the main ‘My lists’ page.

When you create a list it becomes your ‘active’ list - the list which you can add items to. You can make a different list active at any time by clicking on the ’Make active’ button below the list. The button will then change, to say’ active list’.

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