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Most voluntary sector organisations are now familiar with describing what they do and collecting evidence of what they do and with whom.

Focusing on outcomes can help organisations to concentrate on their aims, and bring about the changes that will help achieve those aims. Funders want to know that the organisations are ‘making a difference’ and bringing about changes to people’s lives and to the communities in which they are working.

Impact is the broader or longer-term effects of a project or organisation’s outputs, outcomes and activities. Often, these are effects on people other than the direct users of a project, or on a broader field such as government policy.


To give participants an understanding of outcomes and social impact measurement.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the session, participants will;
* understand what an outcome is and what it isn’t
* understand how to use an ‘outcomes model’
* have information on the benefits of defining outcomes
* be able to identify outcome indicators
* go beyond outcomes – measuring social value and impact

9.30am - 4.00pm, Wed 14th June

See our website for further details:


5th Floor
Forest House
16-20 Clements Road
Essex IG1 1BA

Contact details

Trish O'Hanlon
3rd Floor
Forest House
16-20 Clements Road

Telephone: 020 8514 9611

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